Our medical college is one the newest educational establish ments of the region with its own traditions. Its graduates are considered to be the most highly trained specialists in the region. 60 % of our students come from the suburb so after the graduation they come back to their native villages.

The teaching staff of our college consist of experienced teachers, doctors and pharmaceutists. They share their experience and knowledge with the students. We invite everybody who wants to devote their life to medicine in our college. There are 2 departments in our medical college.

«Nursing Affair» gives qualification of a nurse of general practice. A medical nurse is the chief assistant of a doctor.

A nurse¢s main tasks are:

- strengthening a patient¢
- prophylactics of diseases and traumas;
- restoration of lost functions;
- easing pain.

The period of training occupies 3 years 10 months. Our graduates work in the policlinics, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and house for aged people.

«Curative Affair» gives qualification of a doctor assistant of general practice. A doctor assistant of general practice is a highly-trained specialist who works independently in the policlinics, emergency ambulances and hospitals.

His main tasks are:

- examine a patient

- diagnose him

- plan the treatment of the patient, carry it out

- analyze the final result of the treatment.
The period of training occupies 3 years 10 months. The graduates of this department are waited for at the stations of emergency medical help in the country-side hospitals and the military hospitals.

Our students take an active part in scientific circles, sporting contests.

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